Frequently Asked Questions...
Is there a risk my project to be released to public while you are working over it or after you finish it?

The most important fact that our customer should know about that Art Mastering guarantees to keep your projects secret. After we finished our work over them and if you approve it, we will permanently delete it from our system.

How can I be sure if your studio would cover my requirements?

The main idea of Art Mastering is to transform your project and your ideas into reality. In the world of technologies many people, who compose music, want their project to be presented to public in the best way possible. In the home page samples you can hear for our work.

Is it right that except mastering your studio offers other services?

Yes, it is right. We offer other services to facilitate the professional completion of your project. Share your difficulties with us and we will find an appropriate solution for you.

How long time do you need to finish a project including 10 songs, mixing and mastering?

The time required for this project to be finished could take 18 working days. If the required effects are more specific or there are more than 40 tracks at a song the term could be increased with 3 working days.

What type of files should i submit for mastering?

We recommend submitting Wave (.wav) or AIFF (.aiff) files, bit depth 16 or 24 bit and sample rates 44.1 KHZ or 48 KHZ. Compressed format are not suitable for mastering, as they are not of a sufficiently high quality. Do not apply dither.