Mastering is the final stage of the process of your music project. It is extremely important and specific activity for which the room where the mastering engineer works is of great importance along with acoustics of the studio, the monitors and etc.
We master because we have a suitable working environment, wide knowledge and experience. We make the music of our customers sound very good.For good mastering, it is very important to have the mixing done well, the instruments which are used to be qualitative, which respectively has an effect on the overall sounding and on the final result.
Each mastering engineer has his own method of processing of sound, which is normal and this way every mastering engineer is unique.

Here are some of the services, which we provide:

  • Dynamic range
  • Loudness
  • Stereo width
  • Frequency response
  • Limiting
  • Compression
  • High quality processing
  • and etc.