George Strezov, Film composer
What I love about about "Art Mastering Studio" is that the team there is very passionate about what they do. They don't just do projects, they feel your music as if it is their own and they put all their heart and soul into the process. I highly recommend mastering with Ventsislav Drankarev's company - not only it falls within budgets but you will also get great results in the end.
Boris Potskov, Producer
The work done by the team of Art Mastering on my song Alone had extremely beneficial effect on it. Final result of mixing and mastering has exceeded my most corageus expectings. Using the material, which I gave to the team for mixing, they achieved marvelous sound. The talent and dedication, which they consign in their work, combined with the natural feeling for aesthetics inspired a new life for the song. Thank you, team!
MindxFactory, Composer
Thank you Art Mastering for perfect work on my project!
Anita Tsvetkova, Client
The work on my project with Art Mastering Studio and especially with its owner. Ventsislav Drankarev helped me make the most special and magical gifts and to make someone, who is important for me happy and realize their dream.The realizing of the idea of a song-gift was fullfilled with high proficiency. It really went beyond my expectations. Thank you and good luck.
Marin Murlev, Songwriter
My choice to work with Art Mastering Studio is the main reason for the incredible result which we achieved. My single sounds just the way I would like to. Solid sound, perfect volume and incredible stereo. Thank you, team!