1. General
    Mastering main purpose is to bring out the best elements and best sounding of your mix without changing it. Mastering is not a tool for improving the mix.
  2. Limiting
    Be sure that the channel of the track is not over 0dB and do not suppress the level of sound, because that will not hide curvature of sound.
  3. EQ
    Use equalizer sparingly in order to avoid frequency congestion. Make sure that you are satisfied with the equalizer and be careful with magnify of bass. If your monitors are in the boundary of 50Hz, you will not hear low frequencies below this limit.
  4. Compression
    Compressing of each file or final mix should be done carefully, reckon with excessively using decreases dynamics of instruments and that could not be corrected with mastering.
  5. Level
    Appropriate levels of mastering should be between -6/-3dB. This is the ideal standart for our work. It is not needed the final mix to be normalised and it is necessary to turn off all plug-in at the master end.
  6. Fade In/Out
    Do not magnify up or down the final mix. If you have some preferences about this, just share them and we will take care of it. Leave some seconds of silence at the start and at the end of the track.
  7. Reference Material
    Send us mastered song of a group or performer as a reference material in order to choose how you would like to sound your mastered song, taking in mind that the song you send us is needed to be in style to your own material.
  8. File Format
    We recommend submitting Wave (.wav) or AIFF (.aiff) files, bit depth 16 or 24 bit and sample rates 44.1 KHZ or 48 KHZ. Compressed format are not suitable for mastering, as they are not of a sufficiently high quality. Do not apply dither.